Growing Stronger Mindsets by Helping Change Behaviours

Remove negative emotions to achieve life changing results.

About me

A proud Ballardong Wardandi maaman
I have spent most of my life on Wardandi country (Bunbury). With a passion for empowering and raising the voice of Aboriginal people in the South West, Iā€™m a valued and respected member of my community.

Iā€™m a key advisor for, and spend much of my time on boards and in advocacy roles throughout the region. I have a strong passion to work with my community and to deliver programs to empower others to become the best they can be.


Southwest Noongar word for Growing
The goal of Maaladjiny is to assist people to grow stronger mindsets by helping change behaviours and remove negative emotions to achieve life changing results.

We use Neuro Linguistic Programming, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Techniques and Cultural Strengthening Programs to support individuals and families to build new ways of thinking, being and doing.


Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a psychological approach that involves analysing strategies used by successful individuals and applying them to reach a personal goal. It relates thoughts, language, and patterns of behaviour learned through experience to specific outcomes.

Cultural Appreciation Program

Focusing on providing and raising an understanding and a greater appreciation of Aboriginal Traditions, customs and Protocols using a Master and Apprentice approach. Dreamtime stories / Song and Dance / Tool making / Cultural Awareness.


Providing participants with the essential skills, tools and knowledge to succeed both personally and professionally. Providing culturally appropriate and empowering mentoring support with a holistic approach that focuses on; Cultural Strengthening, Professional Mentoring and Personal Guidance.

Narrative Walks

Narrative Walks is mixed gender and age group program. The focus of the walk is to work on an issue that a participant identifies before they come to the walk. There is a strong focus on developing a preferred story in the walk, but we also develop other skills such as externalising, mindfulness, identifying supports, understanding of country, emotional awareness and being present all whilst getting exercise and completing an achievement!

Rites of Passage

The program aims to introduce participants to a purpose-built program of activities and support through ongoing cultural supervision in the workplace and or personal setting, that will assist them to develop a sense of self and belonging through exposure to traditional cultural practices, establishment of relationships between participants and local Elders and the equipping of skills and practices that increase their levels of resilience and social and emotional wellbeing.


Iā€™m a key advisor for and spend much of my time on boards and in advocacy roles throughout the region, including Aboriginal Health Council of WA, Southwest Aboriginal Medical Service (Chairperson) and Catch a Dream Inc (Current Chairperson), Bunbury Basketball Association and Coalition of Aboriginal Services Western Australia (CASWA). In addition to my extensive qualifications in health and business.
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You are providing an invaluable service/ experience to people and it's good to see business and organisations recognising this with their support.
- Sue, Perth

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